For the development of this activity, AP-3, SL has a specialized human team as well as the latest technology in machinery. Currently we have 10 mobile grinders available, electric generators of different capacities, forklifts, conveyor belts of different sizes, etc.

Our company moves a mobile grinder and the necessary machinery there where the crates are going to be grinded (usually crates out of use or broken). In other cases, grinders are installed in bottling plants in order not to accumulate amounts of crates where there is no much space.

We also receive orders from some companies to grind their crates and with the same raw material manufacture another model or format of crate.

Mobile Grinding Unit

A trailer of 13.60 mts long which transports: a 120 Kw grinding mill, a 300 Kva electric generator, a pneumatic compressor, a dust separator and metal particles separator, conveyor belt etc. All manufactured with the most advanced technology.

This mobile grinding unit complies with all current environmental regulations, does not pollute and has a low-sound level and an easy setup.