AP-3, S.L. is a plastics recycling Company stablished in 1993, being our specialization and main activity the buying and grinding of crates, bins, boxes and pallets H.D.P.E. and P.P. coming from fruit and vegetable, beverage, meat, food, fishing, etc.


In our facilities of Sentmenat we dispose of 4,000 m2, where packaging of different type and size (crates, bins, pallets, etc.) are received for classifying and grinding.

Our input capacity is 6,000 Tns./year.


Our experience over the last 25 years has allowed us to keep leadership in this area, thanks to our suppliers and customers fidelity and satisfaction.


AP-3, SL complies with regulations concerning Prevention of Labour Risks and environmental standards. As authorized manager by Catalonia’s Waste Board, we issue destruction certificates.